Medications That May Make You Extra Sensitive To Sun and Heat

Summer is just around the corner, and many people are preparing themselves for the sea and vacation time they deserve after a long and hard working year. The only thing that most people forget is to keep their skin safe from the sun and the heat that the sun will unleash upon us during this warm summer.

If you are one of those people that buys sunscreen protection, good for you, but we must not forget another issue that most people in the world can be involved but not be aware of. We are of course talking about the issue of using medicine or drugs that will negatively impact your skin in the sun or on the heat.

There are thousands of different medications people consume on a daily basis. Some are used against allergies some are pain relievers, and some are just to regulate some abnormality in their system. The smart move is to secure that you are using medicine that is not going to be affected by the weather outside or if it is than to secure yourself from any negative impacts that can stand beside you.

Let’s get down to the drugs and medicine you have to be aware can affect your skin during the summertime:

Acne treatments

Almost all Acne Treatments products will negatively impact your skin during the summertime. Making your skin more susceptible and sensitive to the sun and its rays. If you are using an Acne treatment product, make sure you take extra precaution to protect your skin with a sunscreen spray so that you don’t get burned skin from just one day of sunbathing.


AntibioticsMany Antibiotics also cross this line where your skin gets negatively impacted from the sun and the heat in general. If you are using Antibiotics and are on vacation, make sure you are not directly exposed to the sun for longer periods than 20 minutes.

Take lots of water so you stay hydrated and use any protection you can because your body can start to secret things that will impact your health on the sun in a negative way.


Allergy medications

This medicine has thousands of variations so it may not apply to your Allergy medications. But if you want to make sure, ask your doctor if it has any negative impacts on your health while you are on vacation in warm areas of the world.


AntidepressantsAntidepressant medicine is troublesome for you during the summertime because it blocks or interferes with the regulator in your brain that is responsible for the temperature regulator.

If you are going outside for long periods of time and you are on Antidepressants, make sure you stay hydrated with cold beverages and that you can hide in the shade and cool down regularly. It’s never bad to stay ahead of the issues so make sure to check with your doctor if you can maybe use another Antidepressant that has a lower issue with head and the sun.