Green Flowers
Kitchen Apron

This contemporary kitchen apron features beautiful flower prints in lime green and deep green.

  • Durable cotton canvas.
  • Two large pockets.
  • Adjustable neck strap.
  • Size: 30" long, 26" wide.
  • Machine wash.
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Green Flower Apron
Color: lime/green/white
One size fits all
Item #: 21-191

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Every chef will look fresh and delightful in these contemporary aprons. Made of cotton canvas, they are very comfortable, practical and durable.
Every apron has two large pockets. One simple pull on the strap adjusts the neck band with two smooth-gliding rectangular rings (much better than the common circular rings or D-rings). Generously sized to 30" long, 26" wide with very long waist ties.
Every piece is thoughtfully designed and finely crafted. You will find them indispensable. They are also great presents for all chefs, painters, gardeners, crafters and everyone else.

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