Plastic waterproof aprons were yesterday -
today you go with water & soil repellent cotton aprons

Kids hands love to be dirty! So, having waterproof aprons are often a big help, when you work with them. We abandoned the old fashioned, environmentally unfriendly plastic aprons and went with water & soil repellent cotton aprons.

Our waist length adult aprons are practical and stylish, perfect to dress up a pair of jeans. The waist ties are very long, so you can tie a knot in the front.


  • water& soil repellent cotton with DuPont technology
  • Waist ties long enough for front knots
  • towel loops
  • large pockets

water & soil repellent aprons
The practical work aprons are just indispensable. They are equipped with pockets of different sizes and towel loops so you have place for all your gadgets.
Pratical pockets: large pockets to keep all your gadgets organized.

waist aprons with large pockets
two towel loops
water resistant fabric
We offer our water & soil repellent aprons in beige and dark navy blue. Our regular chocolate brown apron is made from cotton and has the same size as the repellent aprons.
beige water & soil repellent apron,
On sale $14.95

beige - water & soil repellent apron</b>
dark-navy-blue water & soil repellent apron,
On sale $14.95

dark-navy-blue - water & soil repellent apron</b>
chocolate brown regular apron,
On sale $14.95

chocolate brown - regular apron</b>
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